Mark Russinovich demystifies Steve Gibson’s claims of an intentional WMF backdoor.

Good afternoon Everyone.  I have been receiving a lot of email's on this one.  While I was looking at some great utilities at, I discovered that Mark Russinovich commented in fantastic technical detail of the recent WMF vulnerability. 

The bottom line of Mark Russinovich’s entry is that the behavior of the WMF, while intentional, IS NOT A SECRET BACKDOOR

I highly encourage to read the full article here:
Mark Russinovich’s blog entry on the WMF vulnerability:
Additionally Microsoft’s Stephen Toulouse also de-bunked the claim here as well: 

To get the patch/update for the Windows Meta File (WMF) vulnerability and to learn more take a look here:

Also keep up to date with Security Bulletins here:

Please take a look at those posts to learn more!

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  1. David Sherman says:

    Thanks for the update.

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