Columbus, OH Questions and Answers Windows 2003R2 and Exchange SP2 (1-17-2006)

Good afternoon Columbus!  Thank you for attending the live event and I hope everyone had a great day.  I look forward to seeing everyone again.  There were a a few questions that I wanted to make sure I answered.  So here the Questions and Answers from the event.  As always feel free to comment if I missed any question or if you need additional information, enjoy! 

Q: Where can I get the We Share Your Pain Video?
I get this question quite a bit, it is a fun little video on IT Showtime located here:
The video is under the title: WSYP Project: leverage customer feedback for software quality.  If you have never seen the video it is very funny, and will answer the question what happens when I click on the button that sends the error report to Microsoft. Enjoy. 

Q: How does the file screening technology handle renaming files?
I am very pleased to announce that one you that came to the show took me up on the challenge to try renaming the file, his name is Jeffrey, and this is what he tried:
In yesterday's session while you spoke about the File Server Resource Manager you mentioned you had not tested renaming an mp3 file to a .doc file. Curious myself I installed the trial version of Windows Server

2003 R2 into a VM and tried it out.

I joined the server to my test domain and installed the File Resource Manager and created a test share to which I applied the Audio and Video File Template (I also created a share without the template applied as well).

I then took an MP3 file and tried copying it to the test share with the template applied. It denied access to the file copy. I was able to copy into my other test share (drop) with no issues.

Then I renamed the same MP3 file, dropping the mp3 extension and adding a .doc. This time I could copy the file up there with no issue. So it looks like renaming the extension worked to bypass the screening.
So unfortunately file renames will get around, I am still checking on any way to avoid if I find any thing out in the future I will let you know.

Big Thanks to Jeffrey for researching this!

Q: Can you customize System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM)  reports?
In the DPM interface there are several reports that you can leverage check them out here: These reports are quite useful in finding out usage and status of DPM.  In short there is no built in tool to DPM to customize reports, however the reporting information is stored SQL reporting services, so most likely there is a way to manipulate the data.  I would recommend looking here for more information:  Also I would recommend down loading the operations guide located here: 

Q: Where can I find a good tool to run remote command prompt commands?
This came up during the session, you are looking for this tool check out: and look for the PsTools suite and specifically checkout PsExec.  For more information check out this article:

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  1. Matt Hester says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to post a comment to clarify the File screen protection, that my good friend Keith Combs found ( You can change the extension in order to get the file to the file server. You cannot rename it after it’s there because the file filter protection prevents that, but if you know the real file type, you can launch an application with the “open with” capabilities.

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