Exchange Best Practice Analyzer (ExBPA): Webcast 1-20-2006

Good afternoon everyone!  Thank you for attending the live web cast today.  As promised here is the scrubbed Q/A log.  If you would like to down load the slides or watch the presentation again, you will be able to stream it in a few days. 


Just click here and register for the webcast to stream or down load:  


You can also get more information about this session here: 


Question: Does ExBPA work with .NET Framework 2.0?

Answer: It uses .Net Framework 1.1


Question: Does this run on Exchange 5.5??

Answer: Pure Exchange 5.5 topologies are not supported.  For a list of the requirements take a look here:


Question: Where can I get the latest ExBPA?



Question: Where is the Disaster recovery Operations guide?

Answer: Lots of great docs at . See  for the disaster recovery ops guide.


Question: Where can we download a trial of MOM



Question: Where Can I get the other tools?



Question: Exchange tends to want to be as big as it can. If I have SBS2003 with several applications including Exchange and 5 users are there guidelines for tuning Exchange down to handle the 100 pieces of mail per day without taking over the entire machine?

Answer: I don't see a specific performance tuning guide in the SBS area. You might want to dig around in the Exchange area. I know there were some KB's that talk about limiting RAM consumption for caching and such.

Comments (2)

  1. Daniel Sheehan says:

    So .NET Framework 2.0 doesn’t include everything from .NET Framework 1.1? I.E. Why do we have to install 2 versoins?

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