Having Trouble Finding Information on Microsoft Event ID’s?

Having my typical fun day of troubleshooting, I found a great web site.  the web site is eventid.net.  It can be found here: http://eventid.net/.  You can search for all the Microsoft event ID’s.  It also gives some great information on how to troubleshoot those Event ID’s.  I have not tried the subscription for the service yet, if anyone has please comment on this post and let me know what you think.  I have found the site to be awesome!

Comments (3)

  1. SDCarroll says:

    A "TechNet Presenter" that doesn’t use the TechNet Events and Errors Message Center?


    I prefer to get my diagnostics from the horse’s mouth.

  2. MREmmert says:

    I’ve used it a fair amount and have found it to be well worthwhile. I don’t have a subscription to the site, but am able to do a search for specific IDs. I can view the information posted by various users.

    Something else, I don’t use this site exclusively. Rather I use it in conjunction with the Microsoft KBs. There are times when I can’t find something on the MS site but can in EventID.net. The reverse is also true. So they both are utilized by myself and other members of the team.

  3. Matt Hester says:

    SD, I really like using both sites and sometimes one of the sites will have information the other does not. I find using both web sites is invaluable. Trust me I would love to tell you that all the information you need is at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/support/ee/ee_advanced.aspx, but sometimes it is not as informative as I would like, and yes I have bubble that feedback up to the PG. Thank you both for your comments and keep ’em coming.

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