Free Geek T-Shirt and Improve your Infrastructure Management and Have Fun Doing it!

So, you think about operational effectiveness and security all the time.  You go home at night wishing you could push a magic button and have your infrastructure instantly automated and secure

Never fear!  The TechNet webcast team has put together a very thorough webcast series lead by the Keith Combs and an occasional appearance by yours truly!  This web cast will help guide you through step by step instructions on how to install, configure, automate and mange a more secure and well managed infrastructure.  This webcast series spans October, November and December, and will cover:

  • Active Directory installation and monitoring
  • Step-by-step patch management implementation
  • Server, application, and desktop monitoring
  • PKI Infrastructures
  • Security concepts and principals
  • Utilization and configuration of Group Policy, SMS, MOM, ISA and Exchange


And, on top of learning lots of new concepts, principals and best practices, the team has put together a pretty cool SWAG line-up to help get you in the mood to learn.  Attend four of the five October webcasts in this series (live or on demand) by October 31, 2005 and you will receive a Microsoft “geek” t-shirt. 

See the landing page for all the details, but believe me, you will look good in this t-shirt. 

We have different prizes lined up for November and December, but you’ll have to tune in to learn what those will be.  Take that as a hint not to miss out on this series that will provide a clear road map to a more secure and well-managed infrastructure

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