Group Policies and Access Denied

One Technologies in Active Directory I am extremely passionate about is Group Policy and I would love to write some more articles on Group Policy, but I want to make sure I publish topics that are of interest to you.  So if you would like see more on group policy please comment to this blog…


Bill G on MTV!

Tonight at 8:30, MTV will be airing an MTV News special titled, “The Notorious B.G. – A Forum with Bill Gates”  This special was taped as part of the recent college tour.  In it, Bill discusses innovation, education and his vision for the future of computing.   As this is MTV, there will certainly be a…


Columbus, OH Questions and Answers SQL 2005 (10-6-2005)

Good afternoon everyone.  Thank you for attending my TechNet event in Columbus!  Also thank you for a lot of great questions, this is a long post with lots of great information, please take time to let me know what you think! I am glad everyone was able to participate and I think we had a…


Surface Area Configuration (SAC) tool Command Line Utility for SQL Server 2005

I normally do not post an entire article, so I apologize for the length.  For this posting specifically, I had no choice the online article was not working properly with the links so I decide to bring this directly from the books online for SQL 2005.  I hope you enjoy the article, the SAC Utility…


Dayton, Ohio Questions and Answers SQL 2005 (10-4-2005)

Good Morning everyone, Once gain thank you for all that attended the event in Dayton!  It was a fantastic event and I am glad I got to come back.  I also had a chance to attend the DANPA user group on Tuesday night.  That was fantastic as well, and the subway sandwiches where great!  If…


Free Geek T-Shirt and Improve your Infrastructure Management and Have Fun Doing it!

So, you think about operational effectiveness and security all the time.  You go home at night wishing you could push a magic button and have your infrastructure instantly automated and secure Never fear!  The TechNet webcast team has put together a very thorough webcast series lead by the Keith Combs and an occasional appearance by…


Lord of the HALO rings!

Have I mentioned I love XBOX and did I mention I have a huge DVD Collection.  So when I saw this announcement: I started doing my happy dance! BTW I call dibbs on playing Master Cheif in the movie!   🙂


Virtual PC Guest OS Performance Tips Part 3 of 3 — Boot VPC’s in a Minute!!!!

So here’s the trick to boot your VPC’s in a minute, for VPCs you can set them up so that you can close them and when you restart you are resumed to with a save state.  I did have one initial problem with using a variable in the original batch file(%0), but I hard coded the…