Surface and Surface RT Getting Started Guide

I came across this guide to the Microsoft Surface and Surface RT so thought I’d share it   Matt Surface_Getting_Started_guide.pdf


Windows 8 everywhere…………….

Time for my third post I reckon, and my first of 2013. I’ve had a few technology changes since my last blog post, namely I now have a new Ultrabook running Windows 8, A Windows 8 Surface RT with touch keyboard, a Windows 8 Phone and, as of 9th Feb, a Windows 8 Surface Pro 128GB…


Windows 8 Shortcut Keys and a few tips on creating your own

So as promised in my earlier post, here is a list of Windows 8 shortcut keys in a handy downloadable file.  I really cant take the credit for the creation of this list (wish I could) however I cant seem to find the actual author Enjoy  Matt Virtually Every Windows 8 Shortcut Available (well so…


12 Months Using Windows 8

So I’ve been using Windows 8 in its various guises since the first release at Build in 2011.  Its been installed on a variety of hardware including an intel based Slate, several laptops, some with touch, some not, I’ve even installed it on Hyper-V machines.  Screens have caried from 11″ touch screens to a 47″…