Free SAP Customer Workshops "How Microsoft Runs SAP" Munich on February 7, 2006 and in Brussels on February 9, 2006.

These courses rarely come to Europe – so if you’re interested be quick! From the blurb:- We would like to invite you to attend the upcoming SAP Customer Workshop about How Microsoft Runs SAP. The same session will be held in Munich on February 7, 2006 and in Brussels on February 9, 2006. The heart…


Microsoft .NET Data Provider for SAP

After my recent SQL 2k5 BI session, here at TVP Reading, I had an enquiry asking for more info regarding the SAP provider I showed in the list of providers available to SQL Server Integration Services .  The best public information I can find is @  The provider isn’t publicly available at the moment but…


Steve Ballmer on Mendocino – video available

The Video from SAPPHIRE (Steve Ballmer on Mendocino) is now available on the website at Mendocino is described at, and I think mendocino is very significant for MS SAP customers – some real synergie that will benefit.


SAP and Microsoft Create ‘Mendocino’ Product to integrate Office, Exchange and SAP

Microsoft and SAP are to release a joint product to bring Office, Exchange and SAP together – code named ‘Mendocino’;  harnessing Web Services and Services-Oriented Architecture to Ease Integration You can find more info here For those of you interested in seeing a brief demo and comments from Jeff Raikes at the press conference,…


First Microsoft-SAP Collaboration Brief from Microsoft on loading data from SAP BW into SQL Server Anlaysis Srevices

It’s a great pleasure to announce the first Microsoft Collaboration Brief on an official SAP site, written by Microsoft’s own Hermann Däubler.   Loading data from SAP BW into Microsoft Analysis Services using Open Hub Service.  (You can cacnel any request for a certificate)   Summary The following paper should help to get a quick…


Its Sunbelieveable: Sun’s First Windows – Microsoft SQL Server SAP Benchmark and Certification

Actually, I reckon it must be Sun’s first Windows – SQL Server benchmark ever, unless you know otherwise?   It’s great to see Sun embracing the new Opeteron chip from AMD and coming up with a great 32 bit SAP SD 2 tier 2 proc benchmark   Can’t wait till we get Windows…


Microsoft SQL Server 64 bit links

Our 64 bit SQL Server case studies can be found @ The 64 bit SQL Server home page is @ Some material around 64 bit SAP/SQL @ Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (64-bit) Analysis Services: Why Migrate, and What to Expect If You Do The Advantages of 64-bit to SQL Server 2000…


Microsoft and SAP Deliver Integration of SAP NetWeaver and .NET with Visual Studio .NET 2003-Integrated Portal Development Kit for .NET (PDK)

This tool has been long awaited, now its arrived SAP developers can combine the power of .NET with the functionality of SAP.  This is great news if you’re into developing SAP applications, along side SQL Server the PDK makes Microsoft a most compelling platform for SAP.   From the press release:   ‘Provided as an add-in…