SQL 2005 Metadata Samples Toolkit and whitepaper now available

Reposted 10/1/06 to include in ‘free tools’ category  I’m constantly asked “what’s Microsoft doing about metadata and do we have a solution.” In the old days (SQl 2000 and 7), Microsoft provided Meta Data Services, a platform designed to help tools and applications manage metadata and information models more effectively. It included the Open Information…


New SQL 2005 code samples available

I guess now the pressure is off to release the product we’ll see more useful samples comming out of corp; here’s a link to the latest December update: http://msdn.microsoft.com/sql/downloads/samples/default.aspx  


Feature Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – November 2005

Overview The Feature Pack is a collection of standalone install packages that provide additional value for SQL Server 2005. It includes: Latest versions of redistributable components for SQL Server 2005 Latest versions of add-on providers for SQL Server 2005 Latest versions of backward compatibility components for SQL Server 2005 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=d09c1d60-a13c-4479-9b91-9e8b9d835cdc&displaylang=en


Microsoft .NET Data Provider for SAP

After my recent SQL 2k5 BI session, here at TVP Reading, I had an enquiry asking for more info regarding the SAP provider I showed in the list of providers available to SQL Server Integration Services .  The best public information I can find is @ http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms216599.  The provider isn’t publicly available at the moment but…


Project REAL—Business Intelligence in Practice – great website!

For sometime a group of Program Managers from the SQL BI team have been working with a customer, Barnes and Noble, to produce a SQL BI solution for their data warehouse and analysis needs using SQL 2005.  The leasons learnt from all their work is being continually published to this website http://www.microsoft.com/sql/bi/projectreal/default.mspx in the form of…


SQL Server Reporting Services Report Packs – looking for suggestions

when I was over in the US recently, I attended a ‘Bill Baker and team unplugged’ session, (Bill is the GM for SQL Server Business Intelligence).  Reporting Services Report packs came up as a topic for discussion.  The team asked the audience if the Report Packs had been well recieved, to which I quickly responded…


Letter from America 3 – Mischievous reports and feeding the 5000

After all my messing around yesterday, I’ve decided to create this post in pocket word. I attended a securty session yesterday and was reminded of an issue that can send DBAs scuttling from the room when they learn of it’s presence, the ‘trojan report’. Reporting Services (RS) reports can use Windows security to access it’s…


How Do You Deploy SQL Server Reporting Services?

A colleague of mine in the States, Rob Caron, is very keen to learn how our customers are deploying Reporting Services; specifically with respect to IIS. When we launched Reporting Services (RS) it was all too easy to say it was a ‘free’ addition to the SQL stack, indeed it was supposed to add value. …