Changing Job

It is with sadness that I have to announce that I am changing jobs and moving back into my old role as a Product Specialist, working with our Enterprise customers in a pre-sales capacity.
Alas, I won’t have as much time to blog now, but I’ll do my best to share interesting SQL info as I come across it.

Comments (5)

  1. Andy says:

    Shame about that Mat, especially after the great techNET evening last week 🙂

    Hopefully you will still be able to blog from time to time (and not just about how to beat Oracle in OLTP).

  2. Mat,

    Really really sorry to hear that. Your blog is always an interesting read and I was hoping to hear more from you at SIG swimming pool sessions. Good luck for the future.


  3. KT says:

    Sad news indeed Matt and I never got to meet you. I really enjoy reading your blog – please keep trying to blog.

    Good luck in your new role.


    Senior Consultant

    Contemporary plc

  4. Tony Rogerson says:

    Its been a pleasure working with you through the user group and at the various Microsoft events.

    You’ve taken a lot of the discombobulation out of various parts of SQL Server I’ve struggled with.

    Keep your blog going!


  5. Melville Thomson says:

    Thanks for all the information you have provided Mat. Both in your blog and the various events I have attended. It has all been really useful. You do need to keep this going!


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