SQL Server Integration Services Samples – Including Fuzzy Logic

At a recent Technet presentation, someone came up to me and asked me if I could post my Fuzzy Logic sample package to my Blog.  I confess I haven't got round to wrapping it all up, but now it looks like I'm off the hook as one has been supplied with the samples that come with the product.

Here's the complete list of samples (as it is today)

Installing Sample Integration Services Packages - Provides instructions on installing sample packages from the stand-alone Microsoft Windows installer.
Calculated Columns Package Sample - Demonstrates how to use the Aggregate and Derived Column transformations to compute values and write the results to a file.
Capture Data Lineage Package Sample - Demonstrates how to get lineage information about data, add it to the data flow, and write the source data and the lineage information to a table.
Process XML Data Package Sample - Demonstrates how to extract data from an XML data file by using an XPath operation, convert the data to a flat-file format, and insert the data into a text file.
Data Cleaning Package Sample - Demonstrates how to clean data by applying exact and fuzzy matching of new customers to existing customers, and how to identify duplicate customers by using fuzzy grouping.
Execute SQL Statements in a Loop Package Sample - Demonstrates how to run SQL CREATE TABLE statements in a loop, evaluate and clean data values, and insert data into tables.
Execute Process Package Sample - Demonstrates how to use the Execute Process task to run an executable that expands a CAB file, read the expanded data, and insert the data into a table.
SMO Tables DBCC Package Sample -  Demonstrates how to enumerate the user tables in the AdventureWorks database by using SMO, use a Script task to retrieve the schema and table names, put the names into two variables, and use an Execute SQL task that executes a DBCC CHECKCONSTRAINTS command using the two variables.
AWDataWarehouseRefresh Package Sample - Demonstrates how to refresh the AdventureWorksDW data warehouse from the AdventureWorks OLTP database.
Synchronizing Adventure Works DW Partitions Package Sample - Demonstrates how to automate the synchronization of partitions between relational and Analysis Services databases by using an Integration Services package. The sample package uses the Script task and the Analysis Services Execute DDL task, and illustrates the use of the ASSL and AMO technologies."

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  1. Melville says:

    Hi Mat Iv’e been on holiday and working hard since just got on today. Thanks for this it is really usefull.


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