UK SQL User Group Presents: "Concurrency in SQL Server 2005, Kalen Delaney Full Day Seminar: 18th Oct 2005."

Tony Rogerson of the UK SQL User group has asked me to advertise this event.  I think it will be of general interest but also of interest to people migrating or thinking of migrating from Oracle.  And remember you’ve still got three days to enter the Oracle migration competition @ ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Concurrency in SQL Server…


SQL Server 2005 Technical Overview blogcasts

New SQL Server 2005 Technical Overview blogcasts from the States   Demo 1-1 Using Object Explorer   Demo 2-1 Using Queries and Scripts Demo 2-2 Using Solution Explorer  Demo 3-1 Securing SQL Server with the Surface Area Configuration tool Demo 3-2 Using SAC.EXE to Export and Import Surface Area Configurations  Demo 4-1 Understanding User-Schema Separation  Demo 5-1 Using SQL Agent Proxies  Demo…


OLAP, Darwin and Evolution

Edited 21st Sept 05 to include picture of herbarium sheet.   In my article ‘Business Intelligence (BI): The way it is without the blah blah’, I mention that I was aware of some exiting research using the SQL Server OLAP engine, the results of which where hopefully about to hit Nature magazine.  I couldn’t say…


Database Mirroring won’t make RTM

Edited 20/9/05 to correct typos As Paul Flessner says in his letter Database Mirroring won’t make it in the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) release for SQL 2005.  It will be there for people to test using a trace flag, but Microsoft has not declared it tested enough for production. We do expect to see this feature…


SQL Server Integration Services Samples – Including Fuzzy Logic

At a recent Technet presentation, someone came up to me and asked me if I could post my Fuzzy Logic sample package to my Blog.  I confess I haven’t got round to wrapping it all up, but now it looks like I’m off the hook as one has been supplied with the samples that come…


Bill Gates – A short chat with Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect

Its not really SQL Server, but this short 16min video comes from the guy who ultimately takes resposibility for SQL.  Bill is asked a number of interesting questions that put his contimued relationship with Microsoft under the spotlight  – like why does he bother working?  If you haven’t seen Bill speak much – this is a…


Getting to know SQL 2005 Service Broker

Looks likes I’ve got to do a presentation on Service Broker for the SQL 2005 launch – so I’ve been doing some home work on the subject. The best primer I’ve found is this is refernenced in the webcast  Once you’ve got your head round the basics you’ll want to create your ow broker service…


SQL 2005: Making sense of the new Optimistic Concurrency Controls and the readers that block writers

For a long time now Oracle enthusiasts have bashed SQL Server for not having Optimistic Concurrency Controls.  They would demonstrate a SQL Server reader blocking a writer and possibly a writer blocking a reader.  Thus, having appeared to demonstrate that SQL can’t handle these two operations concurrently, they would therefore conclude that SQL can’t scale…


IT Forum – Barcelona 15th – 17th November

The tag line for IT Forum is “3 days of learning one year of solutions” – I’m sure you can sell that to your boss. If you do the details are here