How Do You Deploy SQL Server Reporting Services?

A colleague of mine in the States, Rob Caron, is very keen to learn how our customers are deploying Reporting Services; specifically with respect to IIS.

When we launched Reporting Services (RS) it was all too easy to say it was a ‘free’ addition to the SQL stack, indeed it was supposed to add value.  However, many of our customers baulked at the idea of running IIS on the same box as their SQL Server data, this required another box for RS and consequently another license.  RS no longer looked free (but it still looked cheaper than Crystal to many people).

Rob has a blog entry @, where he asks a couple of questions around customers’ RS deployment policy.  I think many of our customers have baulked at the idea of having IIS on the same box as SQL Server and consequently haven’t managed to reap the very significant cost savings that were intended.  Please visit Rob’s blog and spend two minutes to give us feedback – you could influence future pricing structures in your favour.


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