New Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor – CTP June Refresh

Last night at the TechNet evening in Reading I was asked if we are planning an upgrade event.  I couldn’t say last night, but now I’m glad to say yes we are.  In the week starting 5th Decemer we are planning a SQL focus day – during which we will cover this topic. However in…


Get Ready for SQL Server 2005 with Free Microsoft E-Learning Courses.

More and more people are asking me about SQL 2005 training courses and certification.  I believe the exams will be ready in Q1 next year.  In the meantme, how about access to the training courses absolutely free until 1st November @    


SQL Server Marketing present ‘Escape from Yesterworld’

The US marketing people for the Visual Studio and SQL Server product teams are pleased to announce the “Escape from Yesterworld” site has launched.   In their own words: “Through the fun and interesting links below, people can learn about the benefits of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 in a humorous way.      o       …


Blogcast: Using SQL 2000 Profiler

Here’s another blogcast in the SQL 2000 performance blogcast series out of the States – this time ‘Using SQL 2000 Profiler’.  This one’s a bit long at 11mins 8secs.


Serialising an CellSet object

I’m grateful to T.K. Anand for this useful code snippet which is useful if you’re writing a web services client that consumes OLAP data. The following code can be used for saving and loading cellsets… Save:            XmlReader xmlReader = command.ExecuteXmlReader();            string xml = xmlReader.ReadOuterXml();            StreamWriter streamWriter = File.CreateText(“CellSet.xml”);            streamWriter.WriteLine(xml);            streamWriter.Close(); Load:            XmlTextReader xmlTextReader =…


SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services Cube Security

If you were given an opportunity to create a “cubed” solution for 50,000 different users, would you create one cube with 50,000 roles?  Would you create 50,000 cubes – one for each customer?  What would you do? This is what Mosha Pasumansky and Dave Wickert from the product team suggest for SQL Server 2000 -…


Are you still using @@IDENTITY?

Are you still using @@IDENTITY?  It seems many people are.  If you are, are you aware that it might not always return what you expect?  No? then read on.  @@IDENTITY will return the last IDENTITY column value inserted across any scope in the current session.  This means that if a trigger, or similar, were to insert…


How Do You Deploy SQL Server Reporting Services?

A colleague of mine in the States, Rob Caron, is very keen to learn how our customers are deploying Reporting Services; specifically with respect to IIS. When we launched Reporting Services (RS) it was all too easy to say it was a ‘free’ addition to the SQL stack, indeed it was supposed to add value. …


SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver Beta 1 Now Available

Not many people know we have a SQL JDBC driver at all, well now we’ve got a beta version for SQL Server 2005.  It works for a wide variety of OSs including: HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP.  Apparently it goes a lot better than the old (SQL…