Two SQL 2005 TechNet Evenings I’ll be delivering in Reading, UK

For those of you in the area, I'll be presenting these two TechNet evenings in Reading UK - it would be good to see you there!

14 th June Session Abstract: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is the next version of the successful SQL Server product family. This new edition offers a number of enhancements to provide a product for today’s environment. This session looks at the key areas that concern IT professionals. We look at various security enhancements, including the authentication changes and the granularity of permissions that the product allows. We look at availability and the changes to improve service availability and replication of data. We also cover the improvements in the manageability of the product.

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21st June Session Abstract: There are a number of barriers to availability, and only some of these are addressable by DBMS technology. This session looks at some of the features of SQL Server 2005, the next release of the SQL Server product, that can help address some of these barriers. We look at three specific areas: database server failure or disaster, user or application error, and data access concurrency limitations, and also discuss database mirroring and clustering.

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