SQL Server 2005 webcasts starting today and coming throughout June

You can register for all these webcasts from here http://www.microsoft.com/uk/technet/training/webcasts.mspx#EIA

31 May, 17.30: Real-Time BI with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services
There is an increasing demand to make business intelligence (BI) 'real-time'. This webcast discusses the challenges of making BI more real-time, and how some of these challenges can be overcome using new features in Analysis Services, and other components of Microsoft SQL Server 2005. While the barriers to completely real-time BI remain, SQL Server 2005 makes information real-time enough to support better and faster business decisions.
2 June, 17.30: Data Warehousing Enhancements in SQL Server 2005
According to industry experts, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is one of the most installed database systems for data warehousing. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 incorporates new features to make managing and running data warehouses a little easier. From partitioning support to on-line operations, many improvements in the new release will benefit the lives of those responsible for running and maintaining data warehouses on SQL Server. This webcast walks through the new features and enhancements in SQL Server 2005 that are most relevant to data warehouse practitioners.
20 June, 16.00: SQL Server 2005 for CRM
Does your business depend on the interoperability of Microsoft SQL Server and CRM applications? Now that more CRM applications integrate with Microsoft .NET-enabled technologies, you can deliver business solutions at reduced total cost of ownership. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 offers specific benefits to CRM applications such as Siebel. This webcast explores the new capabilities of SQL Server 2005 that are of specific interest and benefit to users running their CRM applications in conjunction with SQL Server.
20 June, 17.30: Upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Increase the scale, performance, security, and continuous availability of your existing systems by upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2005. This comprehensive webcast walks you through the necessary steps for planning and upgrading to SQL Server 2005. Learn tips and techniques on how to minimize your down time during the upgrade and how to make the most of the upgrade tools.
21 June, 17.30: Scripting in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Learn about the capabilities of the new SQL Server 2005 command-line query tool, SQLCMD that will replace the osql and isql utilities. This webcast shows how you can use the new Windows Management Instrumentation providers to configure services and network protocols and set up event notifications to keep you aware of changes to your servers.
21 June, 19.30: Get More from Your Oracle Data with SQL Server 2005
Explore Microsoft SQL Server 2005 solutions for integrating with Oracle data sources using distributed query, replication, and SQL Server 2005 Integration Services. This webcast will show you how these solutions enable you to take full advantage of the power of SQL Server 2005, including the full business intelligence suite, even when one or more of your data sources is an Oracle database.
22 June, 19.30: Troubleshooting SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
When something unexpected happens while running your extraction, transformation, and loading processes, how can you figure out what went wrong? Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services provides better support for troubleshooting than ever before. This webcast outlines the management functionality built into Integration Services to help troubleshoot operational issues.
27 June, 16.00: SQL Server 2005 for Financial Services
How does Microsoft SQL Server 2005 impact your financial service business? How can you take advantage of the robust capabilities of SQL Server 2005 to reduce total cost of ownership and create business opportunities? See Microsoft SQL Server 2005 from a financial services perspective. This 90-minute webcast is geared toward the financial services industry and highlights the specific opportunities and benefits that are of interest to those in financial services.
30 June, 17.30: The Hidden Benefits of Upgrading to SQL Server 2005
Learn about the benefits you get just by upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Even if you don't use all the new features in SQL Server 2005, such as database mirroring and partitioning, or writing stored procedures in .NET languages, you can still reap great benefits. This webcast introduces the many new features in SQL Server 2005 that can benefit you, even without rewriting your applications or undertaking new development. You will see many examples where your performance, concurrency and availability are improved simply by upgrading.


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