Nice one Maestro – the next generation of the Business Scorecard Accelerator is now in beta 1

Thank heavens – Microsoft is going to charge for its next version of its business scorecard solution code named Maestro, beta 1 of which has just been announced.  Why is this charge a good thing?  Because if people have to pay for this product then it will hopefully be seen to have value and it should also get the marketing, attention and respect it deserves. 

You’ve heard me complain that when Microsoft gives a product away no one gives it any value; there being no such thing as a free lunch, so when one comes along its assumed to be full of starch, with no protein and not worth eating.  The first time we saw this with the NT 4 option pack that gave away MTS, MSMQ and more.  No one seemed to notice and seemed only too happy to pay for the J2EE equivalents when they emerged.  More latterly we’ve had products like the SQL Server Accelerator for Business Intelligence; packed full of value and yet remain so unheard of.

If you doubt my words check out my free tools category and see how many of these tools you knew about!

To help you understand the balanced/business scorecard concept see my post

For more info on Maestro see:,1759,1814378,00.asp

If you’re interested in joining the Technology Adoption Programme for Maestro drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do.

Why am I blogging this - because it harnesses the BI power of SQL

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