Get SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP Online on your PDA Pocket PC

Have you ever been asked to do OLAP on a PDA – Pocket PC.  If you have this has to be the best answer.  I’ve seen it demoed and it rocks – its so cool; bringing scalable OLAP server power to your PDA in a way you thought you could only hope for. 

Quoting from their home page:

"What is PocketAnalytix?

PocketAnalytix is a unique product that gives access to corporate data, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Data, stored on a server, can be recalled over a direct or wireless connection to deliver SQL and OLAP data direct to your device. Views of data can be saved on to the device allowing key information to be viewed offline. And the ability to colour-code data, means that you will quickly be able to pin-point areas of interest. Views can be refreshed any time that you go online, making sure that you always have the latest data to hand. PocketAnalytix is the ideal tool for mobile executives and field sales staff. The number of potential applications is infinite, including sales trends, debtor positions and stock reports."

I can only say that I wish I could employ this technology to satisify the need it is designed for - my boss would be so impressed.! I do hope it makes a day for someone reading my blog.

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