Questions arising from TechNet Webcast: Business Intelligence on the Microsoft Platform 23rd March.

Thanks to all of you who tuned in to this webcast last week.  Sorry this post is a little late, no sooner had I finished the webcast than the sore throat I had turned into a full blown cold and layed me out for the next couple of days.


The archive for the webcasst can be found here:


Here are some of the questions and answers arising that may be of wider interest:

What is the URL for the Analysis Services Excel download?

What are the new SQL Server 2005 DM algorithms?

Time Series, Sequence Clustering, Association, Naive Bayes and Neural Net.

Where can I get the SQL Server BI Accelerator from?

The BI Accelerator can be downloaded from As Mat says there are 2 models available in the download but others are available. Manufacturing and Financial templates can be downloaded from

Asked: will writeback in SQL 2005 be better that current? And if so, how much better and where can I find out more?

I believe it will perform better.  To find out more detail have a look at the sql 2005 webcasts at

Is there an additional add-in to view olap cubes via Excel97?

There are 3rd party tools but nothing available for 97 directly from MSFT

I hope you can join us for the next two BI webcasts mentioned in my last post

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