First Microsoft-SAP Collaboration Brief from Microsoft on loading data from SAP BW into SQL Server Anlaysis Srevices

It's a great pleasure to announce the first Microsoft Collaboration Brief on an official SAP site, written by Microsoft’s own Hermann Däubler.


Loading data from SAP BW into Microsoft Analysis Services using Open Hub Service.  (You can cacnel any request for a certificate)



The following paper should help to get a quick start on how to load data from SAP BW into an external Microsoft Analysis Services MOLAP cube using the BW Open Hub Service. Unlike using SAP .NET Connector to access one of the BW APIs it’s not necessary to write any code. Open Hub Service is the officially recommended way to unload data from SAP BW into external data targets.  Whenever you extract data from the mySAP BI environment into 3rd-party target systems your SAP BW Enterprise Data Warehouse functions as an ‘Open Hub Platform’.

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