Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – The Pricing, The Editions, and the Edition’s Features

All ye! All ye!  The pricing, the editions and the features available in the editions of SQL 2005 have all been decided, announced and published.  Naturally I meet scepticism that suggests SQL Server 2005 has slipped and slipped again, and that perhaps it might not even be born this year!  I laugh at the all the jokes, not to do so would appear churlish.  I have to say, however, it’s quite hard to offer up a full belly laugh when you’ve heard them all before.  In the last year or so I think I’ve gained a good insight into what it must be like to be called Richard Head.


So here you go:

Expanding the SQL Server Product Line

SQL Server 2005 Features Comparison



Now I feel a sense of relief.  If SQL Server was a baby, I think it’s safe to say, with this announcement, the waters have finally broken.  All that needs to happen now is for SQL to pass the tests and the usability acceptance.  Probably the most arduous of these tests will come form our most important ISV – SAP.  SQL will not pass through the door until SAP gives it the thumbs up.  It is a remarkable testament to the MS – SAP partnership that SQL Server 2000 never once had a reported failure to properly compile an efficient query plan for a vanilla SAP installation.  Which no doubt is one reason why SQL has grown so much so quickly as an SAP platform


Comments (2)

  1. Nnah Jim says:

    What is the price or How do I get a copy?

  2. Matthew Stephen says:

    Hi Nnah Jim

    All the pricing is documented @

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