Migrate your legacy Oracle databases to SQL Server – Tools you need to do the conversion

Its a question that comes up more and more as people realise they can take advantage of SQL Server's lower TCO.  "Does Microsoft have any tools for converting PSQL to TSQL".  No, but the link below will take you to a company that has tools to do this and more.


If you have any feedback on using these tools or others out there, please feel free to post it here.

Comments (2)

  1. Jerry Pisk says:

    How about migrating spatial data? Will Yukon support that?

  2. Matthew Stephen says:

    Yukon will support (geo) spatial data types and any other data type you care to define via the Common Language Runtime (CLR) which, unlike other databases, will be hosted in process.

    Lets not forget that SQL 2000 currently supports a host of mapping applications that use geospatial data. eg.ESRI’s ArcInfo, MapInfo, Intergraph’s GeoMedia, or AutoDesk’s GIS app.

    It has been reported to me that “ArcInfo running on the external-ESRI-spatial-component (called ArcSDE) storing data running in Oracle” runs faster than “ArcInfo running on the internal-ESRI-spatial-component using the Oracle spatial data-type”. So I have to ask ‘what’s so special about a spatial data type anyway’?

    Some map vendor web sites running on SQL Server 2000





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