Blogcast – Creating a simple Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report using the Report Wizard

Following the trend I've created my first Blogcast - Creating a simple SQL Server Reporting Services report using the Report Wizard.  It lasts about 6 minutes.  It takes you through the simple steps required to create a simple report, making a little tweak with Visual studio and then shows you how to publish it to a Reporting Services web server.  It finishes by viewing the report through Report manager.

You can find it here: Report Wizard Blogcast


Comments (2)

  1. Kiranmayee says:

    I read your post on Freebies and then landed here. Why dont you write a detailed article on installation of reporting services and creating the first folder in the Report manager.

    I came across many problems earlier while doing the same and even some others have similar experiences, all this inspite of the readme and installation guidelines from the MS.

    I am not sure if there is an article available already, if so, please point it to us.

    Thanks and Regards


  2. Matthew Stephen says:

    Probably the best thing to look at is a web cast from our support team that deals soley with installing SQLRS – it looks very thorough to me.

    Other than that there’s a good installation section in Hitchhickers Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services by Peter Blackburn and William Vaughn.

    If you watch the webcast it would be good to get your feedback

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