Convert Crystal Reports to SQL Server Reporting Services

I’ve been asked many times if Microsoft provide a tool for converting legacy Crystal Reports to SQL Server Reporting Services.  The answer is no.  However I do know someone who does.


Hitachi Consulting has an RDL generator that will generate RDL from Crystal Report formats.  They’re in the States but I’m sure they’ll be able to help UK customers.


You can find a link to their site from this list of all our Reporting Services consulting partners:


Post Update 26/2/07


I have recieved the follwing email from Jeff of RptToSQL.Com who has asked me to post the following info regarding the comments made below 


From: []
Sent: 21 February 2007 15:37
To: Matthew Stephen
Subject: ( Mat Stephen's SQL Server WebLog) : RptToSQL.Com Comments - Convert Crystal to Reporting Services
Importance: High




I realize this is an old post, but I'm trying to clear up misinformation that is still posted.


I run the RptToSQL.Com website (which is now RptToRdl.Com). It was a legit site in 2005, and it is now, too. We are an authorized Microsoft ISV now for converting to Reporting Services. Please post this new information on your website. Right now, we charge just $25 per report to convert.




Thanks, and let me know if you have any additional questions.


Comments (9)

  1. denny says:

    is this verified with hitachi as avalible??

    a while back it looked like they dropped that.

  2. denny says:

    PS: the web site has no links to any info.

    a site search finds a pdf file ….

    but no links from the web pages to that file.

  3. Matthew Stephen says:

    Someone else has pointed me to

    Website looks very professional

  4. Matthew Stephen says:

    To my knowledge Hitachi still runs this service – I confess I haven’t verified it recently. At least you’ve now got a couple more places to try if don’t

  5. james says:

    I just checked out the Report Doctor site. Man, that’s a sad excuse for a report conversion company. They will only do the most basic types of report. The don’t convert reports with Crosstabs, subreports, graphics, conditional formatting. And even on the simple reports they say that it’s your responsibility to clean it up the RDL after they are done with it. What’s the point of even using them??? It would be faster to do it yourself than mess with them.

  6. Shipra says:

    Please tell me which is better-

    Crystal Reports or Microsoft Reporting Services?

  7. Matthew Stephen says:


    SQL RS – you wouldn’t expect me to say anything else would you? To be sure SQL 2k5 will put to rest any debate.

  8. Kevin O Brien says:

    I just setup a paypal account to trial but when I tried to logon to the service I got ISP errors, when I emailed the hosting company they said the site had been terminated as of 31st Jan 2005 (!)

    I immediately cancelled by Paypal subscription and although I have heard from the web hosting provider, I have heard nothing from Jeff-Net enterprises who run the rpttosql site.

    Hope this helps someone.

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