Hitchhicker’s Guide to SQL Server Reporting Services author to present at IT Forum Highlights – Birmingham UK 13th Jan 05

Hitchhiker’s Guide to SQL Server Reporting Services is an excellent book in the Hitchhiker’s series of excellent books.  The book is co written by Peter Blackburn (UK MVP) and William Vaughn (massive reputation).  I think it is excellent for three reasons; it is comprehensive, practical and well written (with Hitchhiker’s typical humour and blunt honesty).  The authors have had a very close relationship with the product team in Redmond and have earned their respect.  I still haven’t finished it yet but it has taught me much.  


Attendees to the Technet IT Forum Highlights in Birmingham 13th Jan (link below) will be lucky to have Peter Blackburn present some of his insightful tips and tricks for authoring reports in SQL Server Reporting Services.  The luck is due to the fact that before taking on my current role in Microsoft, I had already booked 10 days holiday snow boarding in France and consequently unable to do the presentation myself.  I contacted Peter to see if he could help me out and he generously agreed; I wish I could be there myself!


If you want to hear a real Reporting Services guru, check out this link:



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