How to get Reporting Services if you’re not signed up to MSDN or Select (and live in the UK)

Last week, up in Edinburgh, I did a Technet evening gig on Reporting Services and was shocked when a customer came up to me afterwards and told me he hadn’t been able to download Reporting Services from the Microsoft website even though he was a card carrying SQL Server owner.


My customer alleged that unless you are a signed up MSDN member or Select customer it seemed impossible to download Reporting Services.  On the spot I quickly attempted the task and failed!  I was shocked to find that I had been telling everyone it was easy to download of the web when in fact it wasn’t.  I followed the instructions on the Microsoft website and navigated myself (eventually) to a page that informed me I had to call the UK contact centre.


Seven years in support has taught me not to give a customer instructions I don’t know are tried and tested; okay, so on first trial I might trust some advice an pass it on as trusted advice but if I fail on this basis, I will test any further advice before passing it on.


So – I called the number given me on the website.  I had to go through a telephone menu which was tedious, but eventually I spoke to a kind lady who listened patiently to my problem.  I didn’t let on who I was, even though I was worried I might face some tricky questions like “what’s your software reg’ number?”.


I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t expecting the answer I wanted, but, after being asked to hold for a number of minutes, the lady at the end of the line came back to tell me to go to the following:


or if you haven’t logged in using passport


Okay, so I haven’t actually ordered a copy via this mechanism and verified its delivery, but I’m confident if you use either of these URLs, depending on circumstance, you will get a copy of Reporting Services.  Let me know if you don’t!


PS this is really aimed at people out side the US and Canada - for whom the website caters for directly.  For people outside theses countries (and not in the UK for whom the links above apply to), you need to contact your local sales office as directed to on the main website.


Comments (2)

  1. Shannon J Hager says:

    I am in the U.S. but I ordered a copy of Reporting Services via the Microsoft site, it was here a surprisingly short time later.

  2. Matthew Stephen says:

    Thanks Shannon – you made me realise this post was really aimed at UK people (I’ve edited it accordingly). The main website is fine for US and Canada but others are just directed to contact their local MS office – which is a drag when all you want is the correct URL.

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