My Introduction to the Blogsphere – and my first useful tip for SAP enthusiasts

Hello, my name is Matthew Stephen, I work as a Microsoft SQL Server Evangelist, based in Reading UK.  I started working for Microsoft in early '93 as a PSS support Engineer.  I spent many happy years supporting SQL Server and then, four years ago, moved on to work as a Product Specialist in our Enterprise and Partner Group.  I started my current role on the 1st December and hope to use my blog as a medium for spreading useful information around SQL Server to an audience of IT Pro's.

So my first useful tip is for IT Pro's implementing SAP on SQL Server, or IT Pro's considering implementing SAP on SQL Server.  You will find a ton of useful information, including technical workshop videos on

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  1. Joe Urda says:

    How about a PeopleSoft Microsoft Interoperability Web site???

    The web site is less than amusing

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