Announcing Trojan Horse, the Novel!

Many of you have read Zero Day, my first novel. It’s a cyberthriller that features Jeff Aiken and the beautiful Daryl Haugen, computer security experts that save the world from a devastating cyberattack. Its reviews and sales exceeded my expectations, so I’m especially excited about the sequel, Trojan Horse, which I think is even more timely and exciting. Trojan Horse, like Zero Day, is an action-packed cyberthriller on a global scale, pitting Jeff and Daryl against international forces in a fight for world security and their lives. Instead of telling you more, I’ll let the Trojan Horse video trailer, below, show you instead.

Trojan Horse will be published on September 4, but you can preorder it now from your favorite online book seller (in the US only now, but Zero Day’s Korean publisher has already purchased foreign publishing rights). Find the ordering links, read more about Trojan Horse, see my other books, check out my book blog and find out where I’m speaking on my new website, Preorder Trojan Horse now and tell your friends!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Zero Day is really nice work. Wish will see a movie coming. Can't wait to start reading Trojan Horse. Will there be any early bird previews so we can start reading before Sep 4 ? Seems like a long wait.

  2. Hi, Mark. Wikipedia says the book hit the shelves on September 4. Is that right? I thought you'd immediately post it in this blog like you did with the Zero Day.

    I wish I could write you a book about what I think about Zero Day… but I doubt you have time to read it. If I were Jeff, I'd have sought a more practical course: The first thing to do is to test backups on an isolated system. ("First" is the key here.) If it didn't work, immediately snap out the baseline disks and migrate to a clean beginning. At least Dragon Lady should have worked on this while Jeff did the theoretical study. Baseline disks are life-saving indeed. Did I say "if I were Jeff"? Man, I am! Or at least… my job is the same.

  3. says:

    Can't wait to get a copy and read it

  4. Well, I keep my fingers crossed. Perhaps Trojan Horse will exceed *my* expectations too. Zero Day did not.

    To my great surprise, Zero Day does not have a Wikipedia article yet.

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