Announcing Zero Day, the Novel!

You’ve seen the news if you’re my friend on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to the Sysinternals blog: I’m proud to announce that my first novel, a cyberthriller entitled Zero Day, is due to be published by St. Martin’s Press in mid-March. If you like the Sysinternals tools, the articles I post on this blog, are interested in computer security, or just enjoy a heart-stopping thriller, I think you’ll like Zero Day. You can find out more and pre-order on the Zero Day web site and I've started a Zero Day blog there that will focus exclusively on book and cybersecurity news and tips. Pre-order now to guarantee a copy on release day and pass the word to your friends!

Comments (23)

  1. Igal Tabachnik says:

    Already preordered on Kindle. Can't wait to read it!

  2. Daniel Wolf says:

    Buying it the second it's out on Kindle.

    Mark, this is awesome. I'm getting goosebumps, no joke.

  3. Eber Irigoyen says:

    awesome, might actually be the first novel I read xD

  4. Brian Hartung says:

    Charging up the Kindle to pre-order now.  I look forward to this being the first novel in literary history to use the terms filter driver and dispatcher lock…eat your heart out Clifford Stoll!

  5. art says:

    Not available on Kindle in Australia??  🙁

  6. Shri Ganesh says:

    Since when did you start writing novels Mark??? Nice… I will try to get the book. But don't know when it will be released in India. Also I never knew you had a facebook account!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Matias says:

    Awesome… already preordered! Greetings from Switzerland

  8. Kåre says:

    Gah! Unavailable for Kindle in Denmark 🙁

  9. paul says:

    March cannot come soon enough for me. My Kindle is already  heavily loaded but I'm going to stop whatever I'm reading to read Mark's new novel.

    I looked on to pre-order but it's not available yet. I will check each day.

    I hope this is going to be the first of many, Mark.

  10. Shaun Newman says:

    Any news on when/if this might come out in the UK?  Always boggles the mind that you get a staggered release worldwide, especially when you can release globally in one hit via eBook… ho hum the great global machine ;0)

    Looking forward to grabbing this though Mark, Congrats.

  11. Wow! says:

    I've also never read it, or read a review; but this is a life-changing event and I can't wait to get it because it is *definitely* going to be amazing.. For those of you gushing over it… a little perspective ?

    No goosebumps here – but good luck with it Mark. Personally, I'll stick to your tech writing – fiction just isn't really for me   🙂

  12. Jon says:

    Not available on Kindle in the UK 🙁

  13. Brian Hartung says:

    Just read the excerpt you posted.  A cruising altitude of 37 feet.  Now that *would* be a problem… (Nice opening by the way…read a little too much "Forum" as a youth did we? 🙂

  14. james says:

    Aye, add me to the list of purchasers once its out on Kindle in the UK….

  15. Michael Dawson says:

    Pre-Ordered… I look forward to reading it, and listening to it when it come out on audible… (it better come out on audible if its good)

  16. Dan Jackson says:

    Add me to the list of people who'll buy it once there's a UK Kindle edition. Seems kind of bizarre that it's on the US Kindle store but not international ones.

  17. Humpa-Dumpa Planeteer says:

    I hope you did reserve yourself already and

  18. John Carpenter says:

    Hope this will be available on Nook.

  19. Richard Green says:

    I clicked the link for Request on Kindle for Amazon UK also. I like my MS Press in hardback, but not novels thanks.

  20. Eric says:

    When it comes out will grab it for Kindle, I wish you the best with it.

  21. Roland Howard says:

    Have you considered Novel! looks a lot like Novell ? Thought you had a netware virus article there.

    Good luck with the book.

  22. anon says:

    Loved Daemon & Freedom… Suarez gave you a thumbs up, can't wait to read it !

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