What I’ve Been Doing And What I’ve Been Reading

  Well I haven’t really posted in a while but I have good reasons, sort of. March went by quickly as I had to finish up an MBA class and moved apartments across the city of Chicago. April I really don’t know what happened but I’ve been working on some very good internal stuff and…


Windows 7, Solid State Drives and Why A WinSAT Score Matters

  I was doing a WDRAP and I ran across an interesting case that required me to do some digging that I thought I’d share this out in one source. When we took an xbootmgr trace which we do with all our WDRAPs we saw broken readyboot that was identical to what I talked about…


Slow Windows 7 Boot? One ReadyBoot Fix (that you’ll want to apply probably anyways)

In my last post I described a little bit about ReadyBoot and when looking at a xbootmgr trace what to look for when viewing the ReadyBoot data. I also described one method on how to fix it if there are no cache hits. So great, you fixed the one machine you looked at when following…


Xbootmgr Part 2: ReadyBoot Basics

The more I work with the xperf/xbootmgr the better I get with it. I still feel like I have a lot to learn though. I wrote a previous post, http://blogs.technet.com/b/markmoro/archive/2011/08/20/dipping-my-toe-into-the-xbootmgr-water.aspx , about troubleshooting my own machine with slow boot. Lately I’ve been doing some WDRAPs where we do a deep dive analysis on 1 or…


RSS Feed Product Index

Hello from Austin/Dillion! Here is a quick post. A question I get semi frequently is “how do I stay up to date on the latest hotfixes for ‘insert product name’ ?” Great question. The best way I can think to do it is through RSS. Here is a listing of a ridiculous amount of Microsoft…


Hotfix for RID Pool Depletion! KB 261869

A few months back I thought I was going to write a blog post about how to look for RID Pool depletion in environments. Then I got side tracked with something (probably finding out why Mad Men isn’t on yet) and Ned Pyle wrote an awesome post that would of put anything I would have…


"What’s Your Stratum Baby?" aka The Worst Pickup Line Ever

Hello from Chattanooga, Where my luggage got here a full day later then me. I’m here to deliver an Active Directory Risk Assessment Program or an ADRAP which does an exhaustive check of the health/risk of Active Directory. If you’ve never had one I suggest contacting your TAM it will be an eye opening experience. One area…


Dipping My Toe Into The Xbootmgr Water

Greetings from the mothership aka rainy Seattle, I spent this past week in Windows Desktop Risk Assesment Program (WDRAP) training which was actually pretty fantastic. If you are a Premier customer talk to your TAM about getting one scheduled. A large portion of ours was taught by a Senior PFE Yong Rhee. One of the…


You Are Not Smarter Than The KCC

I had this discussion with a fellow PFE David Gregory , who use to be out of Chicago but now has moved to a better place (read Southern California), at a Polo Loco in Compton, CA. The same one 2Pac rapped about, you know the one I’m talking about. This is what us PFEs do sometimes, eat at fast…


Can I Virtualize That and Still Get Support?

Bet you thought there would be no post for July didn’t you. Well I threw this one together right quick.   I had a fellow TAM ask me that quesion the other day. They had a customer that wanted to run a Microsoft application in Hyper-V. They had no idea if it was fully supported….