Activesync 4.2 now available

As a user of Outlook 2007,  I have subscribed to a number of RSS feeds which allows me to stay on the pulse with what’s happening in the world of Microsoft as well a few other things outside of Microsoft (how did we ever live with RSS?) Jason Langridges blog is one of my subscriptions…


Digital Rum

At the end of last month I had the pleasure of talking with these guys and I must say that they really do have some great solutions and are doing some brilliant work with Live Communication Server. First of all is ‘Corporate Mobile Messenger’ which allows employees without a Windows Mobile device to connect to…


Motorola Q

Mentioned here,  the Motorola Q will be going on sale from May 31st with Verizon Wireless.  Any one who owns or has previously owned a Blackberry will recognise the form factor but as the article says,  it’s a “cross between a Blackberry and a video iPod”.  This highlights the fact for me that Windows Mobile…


Windows Mobile Minis – Coming to a TV near you!

I was watching Fifth Gear on my Windows Media Center today and they showed a few clips of next weeks show …. lo and behold ….. I spotted the Windows Mobile Minis at the Gumball 3000 🙂 Look out for them on the next episode of Fifth Gear !


MSN Messenger goes ‘retro’

Although for quite some time you have been able to make pc-to-pc calls on MSN Messenger and pc-to-phone calls,  the big problem with this is that is restricts you to using a clunky headset and microphone and near the PC at the time you want to make the calls. You will be glad to hear…


‘Nokiaberry’ anyone?

Meet Nokia’s latest phone,  the interestingly named E61 (which might I add is also the name of the road that goes through the Karavanke Tunnel in Slovenia). Nokia now has three E series devices launched and it looks as if they want to move into ‘business device’ market where both us and Blackberry exist.  May the best…


Another Mini Adventure ….

Last weekend both of the Windows Mobile Minis went to the Gumball 3000 rally which started in London and will travel through Europe, Asia and America over the next 8 or so days,  finally ending at Beverly Hills 🙂 As well as taking a look at the pictures below you might also want to take…


PTS-TV – Coming to a PC near you !

This week we launched PTS-TV to the masses.  The pilot episode features the lovely Katie Ledger and the not so lovely me …. lets hope they dont decide to ‘axe the show’ based on my ratings alone. When you have a spare few minutes take a look and be sure to watch the out-takes towards the end.  If…


What to do if you find MSN Messenger is not on your device

I have had a couple of people ask me about this and after some research I have found a solution.   If you find that MSN Messenger has not been included as part of your Windows Mobile device then take a look here where you should find some instructions on how to sort this out…


Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile Launched !!!!

The long wait is finally over for Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile! Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile is now available for download here where you can get a version for Pocket PC (2003 and Windows Mobile 5) and Smartphone (2003 and Windows Mobile 5) and is free to download. I have been using this client for quite…