Two months on

It seems like a lifetime,  but its only been two months since I joined Vodafone and a lot has happened. 

First of all,  the important pieces are all in place ….. that is to say they know where to pay my wages into and I have a mobile phone and broadband ;-).  Seriously though,  I have started to get my head round all of the different parts of Vodafone that enable communications to happen and I am surprised (and pleased) to see that almost everything is catered for,  we really do have a wide range of products that would come under the Unified or Total Communications banner … more on that to come later.

I have a few things I am working on at the minute that I will share later but for now you might want to take a look at which gives you an idea of at least one of the things that is going on here at the place where everything is red 🙂


Technical Partner Manager @ Vodafone

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