Tweet and Post on the move!

For the 6 months or so,  I have been training to run the New York Marathon for Yorkshire Cancer Research and tomorrow I fly out to NYC.

My friends have raised over £1650 and I wanted to use some technology in order to involve them in the race as much as possible so I am planning on doing a few things.  I just love technology !

- I am planning to tweet while running the marathon.  Follow @markdeakin if you want to see how I am getting along

- I am planning on posting to facebook also

- I will be texting my girlfriend along the way also so she knows when I am coming to the finish line and perhaps more importantly for her she knows that I am still ok 🙂

- I am thinking about taking a Flip Video camera with me to record some of the run also

Now had I not been technically minded,  my friends would have donated and all they would have seen is a few photos of me and hope I actually ran it.  At least this way the can follow along :-).

Oh,  and I will be wearing a pink tutu (my commitment to them if they raised all the money in time) so look out for me on Freeview Channel 301 from 1400 onwards ... I will try to get myself on TV !

Thanks to all those that sponsored me -

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