Farewell? Maybe not!

Yes,  its been a while since I have posted.  I have moved onto Twitter as my means to communicate out and it seems to work for most things.  However my intention is too keep posting when the thoughts come to me ... and some changes in my life mean I might have more to talk about.

At the beginning of September,  after working at Microsoft for 8 years and 1 day,  I had my last lunch at TVP and left the office to go work for Vodafone UK.  I have been there now for two and a bit weeks and I am almost settled in.  I am doing a role based around Vodafones partnership with Microsoft,  in UC in particular so the 'apple never falls far from the tree'.  If anything I might have more to talk about as my knowledge of UC expands.

Anyway,  for now I just wanted to make a quick post to explain whats happened and RSS me so you can get updates once they start flowing again.

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