RichCopy – Is it the new sliced bread?

I would like to announce the best thing since sliced bread …. RichCopy ! This tool has been available internally at Microsoft for as long as I can remember and over the years I have used it to copy virtual PCs and installations files over from Redmond or from a local server to my PC. …


OCS R2 Tips of The Day by Brett

This has been working its way round the ‘Twittersphere’ so I thought I would post it on my blog too. Brett Johnson has put together some brilliant ‘tips’ on OCS R2.  Something there for everyone me thinks 🙂 ‘Share the love’ with Communicator Desktop Sharing Communicator Voice Settings  Audio conference calls – Part 1 Audio…


IE8 and the history of the internet

IE8 is available from today,  I have been running it for quite sometime in both Vista and Windows 7 and loving it.  Enough of that for now though,  when you have 10 mins free,  pop along to and watch the hilarious video on the brief history of the internet including the classic ‘Hamster Dance’


30 days of Twitter

It’s been about a month since my blog post on ‘To Tweet or Not to Tweet’. I have done over 100+ ’tweets’ and have a modest following (as well as following approx 50 people) and the question I asked myself this weekend was “Has it been worth it and is it working?” To answer that…


Microsoft Vision 2019

Once every so often,  Microsoft has a think about what the company will be doing in the future rather than having to focus on the revenue targets and metrics for the next 12 months.  It’s during these times in particular that I remember why I work at Microsoft. I remember seeing a video similar to…