Nothings going to stop us launching OCS 2007 R2

With snow falling in Reading as well as the rest of the UK on Monday (2nd Feb),  the country virtually shut down with 1 in 5 people in Berkshire not managing to get into work. Britain experienced the worst case of snow in the UK in at least 18 years .... all this in the same week that saw Microsoft launch OCS 2007 R2 across the world .... including the UK .... did this stop us ? NOPE !

Before I get onto the R2 launch,  I wanted to share with you an email I recieved earlier today.  Names have been removed to 'protect the innocent' but it just goes to show you how during times of adverse weather (remember the floods last year?),  we are using our technology to make sure it's 'business as usual'.

Below is 'Snowday Monday' for one of the managers at Microsoft

  • "We transitioned our all hands meeting to live meeting with 68 attendees and 15 different presenters and it went flawlessly"
  • "Our management team transitioned our monthly meeting to live meeting with web cameras, 12 attendees and it went flawlessly"
  • "Personally, I transitioned several 1:1s to web camera based meetings. Again, no impact"
  • "In the end, I did not have a single cancellation"

So,  for those of you reading this that were affected by the snow and had to cancel your meetings.  Bookmark so you are ready for next time ... perhaps even trial/buy it now so you are ready to rock for when it happens again ... I hear there is more snow coming Thursday !

R2 Launch - Today also marks the launch of OCS 2007 R2.  Given the weather and economy,  this event in the UK (and Europe) could have been ruined with people cancelling or not turning up through lack of travel budget or snow bound transport.  Great news then that we decided to run this 'online' and from the looks of my mailbox over the last few months this is the first of many (one of the internal conferences I attend is also going virtual). 

You are therefore invited to pop along to and save on the flight expenses and snow shoes.  I have had a look this evening myself and its a brilliant interface to a virtual launch event and you really do get the feeling you are attending an event but without the jet lag and evening based drinks/liver damage.  I recommend you look at the following in particular

  • Partner Floor - Which partners are we working with
  • Keynote - Find out what we are launching today
  • Case Studies - Including the Microsoft case study

Well that's enough from me for now,  off to watch a bit of TV before I go to bed.  Before that though I leave you with two simple question .... how much did your company lose in revenue this week because of the snow ?  Could you not have mitigated some of that if you have been running Microsoft UC?

***** UPDATE *****

There are a few interesting posts on friends blogs about Snow Day at Microsoft.

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