Look what happens when marketing is not restricted to using normal ‘media’

One great to convey/share information is in a video,  people seem to remember things better when they see them rather than just reading about it.  Traditionally within Microsoft this is done by producing the videos and having a Microsoft microsite created around them,  something along the lines of www.microsoft.com/bpio/ucg/tdm/bmo/media/videos/list.aspx or something equally as lengthy.

Well I am pleased to say that in a similar way to how a number of Microsoft employees are using blogs to get the message out (its much quicker than trying to get a website updated),  the UC team in the US are using YouTube as a means to get the videos out there.

Pop along to http://uk.youtube.com/user/OCSR2Launch for the full list of videos and subscribe if you want to know when they post more.  I have however included a few links below of my favourites,  all of which show that people at Microsoft have a sensor of humour too …. although acting skills vary (not sure I could do better myself)

Question I ask myself,  is it a good thing that I can make a blog post or upload a video representing my company so easily a good thing or a bad thing?

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