Technology playing its part in history

As I type out this posting,  I have the CNN website open with the live video stream of the inauguration.  Watching this sort of thing over the internet is not special but some of the technology that they are using in combination with the video stream show how technology can enhance the experience.

  1. Live with facebook – While I watch the video I can see people updating their facebook status live.  What a brilliant idea and an amazing way to see what the public is doing and thinking as history is happening.
  2. Photsynth – With so many people at a single location,  there will be 100,000s of photos being taken,  each showing a different view of this historic moment.   Well the Photosynth team have teamed up with CNN to create a PhotoSynth of the inauguration.  More detail here,  I look forward to seeing the final Photosynth,  should be pretty amazing.

Right … back to the video for me. 

Cya !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like to think I am still able to keep up to date with what the ‘tech cool’ are up to and Twitter is

  2. Anonymous says:

    I made a post recently on how technology was playing a part in the Inauguration in a way that I expect

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