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A while back,  I visited ‘The Register’ for a webcast about how to deliver information across the enterprise. I have done a few webcasts over the last few years but this was certainly one I will remember. 

First of all,  it was ‘The Register’ so I wasn't sure what to expect,  a warm welcome or a frosty one.  Actually it was the former 🙂

What I remember the most however was the conversation we had both on and off camera with Tim and Martin about how technologies like FacebookWindows Live Messenger and ‘desktop search’ are being used by consumers and are creeping into enterprises.

The question we ask is….

a) do you stop these tools being used?

b) do you consider implementing them but wait until the economy is a little more stable?

c) do you make the most of everyone else ‘stalling’ and gain a little competitive advantage now?

My feeling is go for option C … this IS a great opportunity to race ahead of the competition by making your employees more productive.

Have a look at the video and let me know your thoughts on whether you think organisations should

a) shutdown the apps

b) temporarily halt your deployments

c) make the most of others ‘stalling’

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