Windows 7 in 7 easy steps

With the beta coming available imminently,  I decided to install Windows 7 on my laptop …… that's right …. on my one and only work laptop.  Here is how easy it was

  1. Check to make sure Windows Live Sync has copied a backup of my files on one of my home PCs.  That includes my internet explorer favourites
  2. Put Windows 7 install media on a USB key
  3. Reboot PC and boot from USB key
  4. Install Windows 7
  5. Install Windows Live Sync on new Windows 7 operating system
  6. Install Office 2007
  7. Done (all I need to do now is wait for Windows Live Sync to copy my files back this evening)

It literally took me a 2 hours to get back to a state where I could continue with my daily work.  Brilliant !

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