More on The Legend of Dan Wilson

I while back I did a post about ‘The Legend of Dan Wilson’ which ""was a tale of Freedom,  of love,  of sacrifice,  of a PBX that was about to be ripped and replaced.  Standing in the way was one man,  Dan Wilson,  on a mission to save the PBX by promoting keystrokes not crowbars !”

Well I am doing a bit of searching for another marketing campaign we are running an bumped into a few more bits of information around the Dan Wilson Story.  Posting them here for your benefits (as well as mine)

The Legend of Dan Wilson Site

Dan Wilson goes to VoiceCon

Download the Movie (Large)

Download the Movie (Small)

Download the Song

Altogether now ……. VOIP as you are … VOIP as you are … Give me keystokes not crowbars … VOIP as you are

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