Top tips to run a LiveMeeting

Update to 10 Top Tips 🙂

In order to save on travelling expenses I am trying to encourage people internally to use LiveMeeting more and more.  I thought I would note down my Top Tips from my experience of helping people to start running their meetings over LiveMeeting

  1. Mute Mute Mute - Train people how to use the ‘mute’ button and teach them to use it when they are not speaking.   Also teach them how to un-mute,  obvious stuff but not as obvious as I first thought 😉
  2. Maximise your LiveMeetings - Incorporating LiveMeetings into your normal meetings.  In the bottom right hand corner of LiveMeeting there is a box with four arrows coming out of it,  use this to maximise the LiveMeeting window and hide the console.  This enables you to present to remote attendees for a meeting while still giving the effect of a normal presentation to local attendees.
  3. Can you hear me? - Always use a headset,  having the sound come through your speakers can lead to feedback or echo,  not a great experience of anyone.
  4. ‘Too many presenters spoil the meeting’ - If you are going to have everyone join as a presenter,  make sure they don’t mess around with the presentation, webcams etc.  They wouldn’t do it in a normal meeting so teach them not to do it in a LiveMeeting
  5. ‘To conf cal or not conf call‘ - Joining together a conference call number with LiveMeeting audio works but can sometimes be challenging.  Make it clear how people need to join when sending out the invites.
  6. Backup is better - Have a backup presenter to run the LiveMeeting.  If you doing a really important presentation,  why not have someone else join as a presenter and help run the LiveMeeting?  They can answer technical questions,  manage the switch from slides to others resources and most of all allow you to concentrate on presenting
  7. Two laptops are better than one – If I am doing a really important presentation I sometimes get another laptop setup and join as an attendee.  That way I can see what experience all the other attendees are getting.
  8. Roundtable is optional not required - Roundtable (the 360 degree camera) has generated a lot of interest in LiveMeeting but its worth highlighting that you can still have an effective LiveMeeting without Roundtable .  Its an amazing experience with Roundtable but its still great with a normal webcam.
  9. Know your audience - Success of a LiveMeeting is based on the experience of the least LiveMeeting proficient attendee.  Know the skill levels of your attendees and help/mitigate as appropriate.
  10. Practice makes perfect - The first few meetings will allow you to get used to the interface.  Stick with it and you WILL get used to running them. 

Implement these into your LiveMeetings and you should be well on your way to running them efficiently

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Confession: Presenting makes me nervous. I don’t think this entirely uncommon (!) but it is something

  2. Anonymous says:

    I noticed that Mark has posted some great tip s for using Office Communicator which I thought I’d share

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