Changing face(book) of communication

As we move from one generation to the next,  there are new communication methods that become available and others that fall by the wayside,  could ‘Facebook’ be the next wave?.  If look at previous generations,  they all have different communication preferences

  • My Grandparents (80s) – Letters and phone calls
  • Parents (50s/60S) – Phones call and emails
  • My generation (20s/30s) -  Emails and IM with some text
  • Next generation (10s/20s) – Text, IM and Facebook ?

I decided to produce this post because of two things that occurred recently to show to me how the communications divide between generations can be so wide and ultimately could be a problem sooner than you think.

1.  We recently had a Microsoft intern put a piece of communication together for us.  When we reviewed it they had composed it in txt speak.  I am sure if we asked them to put a formal letter together on paper using a pen that they would have a hard time,  its just no longer a way in which they communicate anymore.

2.  During a trip to see a friend of mine in Holland,  I made some new friends who wanted to catchup on my return to the UK.  I was expecting him to ask for my email address but instead he said ‘Facebook you?‘.   Is this the new way to get in contact with someone?  No need for complicated telephone numbers or confusing email address …. just need to know your name and what you look like.

Both good examples of how communications is

a) different between generations

b) changing from one standard method to newer methods e.g  Facebook instead of email

c) making me feel old as I use email and IM primarily … not Facebook :-S

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