The Legend of Dan Wilson

*To be spoken in a low, slow,  cinema trailer voice

It was a tale of Freedom,  of love,  of sacrifice,  of a PBX that was about to be ripped and replaced.  Standing in the way was one man,  Dan Wilson,  on a mission to save the PBX by promoting keystrokes not crowbars !

This little short movie made me chuckle this morning ... with a few strange looks from my workmates.  Don't want to give away to much about it but it includes such classic quotes as

  • "Wide air quotes"
  • "I am going to stop talking through this thing and put on my pants"
  • "S.U.O.A.D" or "Sweet Use Of Acronyms Dan/Dude"

I highly recommend grabbing a spare 15 mins and some headphones and watching this short film .... very funny and informational at the same time 🙂

PBX Sitter: The Legend of Dan Wilson

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I while back I did a post about ‘The Legend of Dan Wilson’ which ""was a tale of Freedom, 

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