Want to spend some of Microsoft’s money for a change?

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Yes,  you read correctly ..... fancy the opportunity to spend some of Microsoft money?

I realise this might have nothing to do with the world of Unified Communications but sometimes its worth just breaking with the 'norm' when there is a good reason .... especially when it gives you the opportunity to spend Microsoft's money for a change.

Microsoft have been working with the NSPCC for a number of years,  in particular helping with the running of the Microsoft UK Challenge event which takes place every year,  we also run a number of other internal events .... one of which is the '5K Fun Run'.  As part of my new found desire to go to the gym once in a while,  I have also signed up for the 5K Fun Run and we are looking for more sponsors so please pop along. 

So how do I get to spend Microsoft money? For every £1 you donate,  Microsoft will match that donation so the more people that donate and the more money they donate,  the more of Microsoft money they get to spend.... simple as that !

Wish me luck (I completed 5k in 31 minutes today so at least I know I can do it) and if you can spare a little time and money to sponsor us all that would be even better 🙂

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