Next big thing in presence enabled devices?

imageLuica at Inferno PR sent this over to me today,  great find Luica 🙂

I would like to think that Microsoft is bringing presence to the desktop,  inserting it into telephony devices as well as applications like Outlook and Sharepoint.  We have not however yet ventured into bringing presence to the desktop quite like the guys at Schulze & Webb.

There is a video on their website that shows exactly what is does but basically it plugs into your USB port and displays the presence of a chosen 'buddy',  in the example photo here,  our buddy is online 🙂

Good find Luica and hopefully the guys at Schulze & Webb will a) make a version for Communicator 2007 b) send me one to play with 🙂

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  1. Ross Dargan says:

    Fantastic!!! I love this!

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