No smoke and mirrors … well …. no mirrors !

P1000098One of the things I really like about the Exchange Unplugged Tour is how the team have put together a raft of real life demos rather than just relying on slideware.  Its also worth mentioning that the demos are not smoke and mirrors .... well ... at least until today that is.

Ewan Dalton has written a post of his own about today's incident on his blog but to summarise,  our Exchange demo shuttle to produced a loud fan noise followed by a puff of smoke.  Needless to say,  30 minutes later we figured out the PSU had blown 🙁

This puts us in an interesting position of course as this machine is used during the day at multiple times for demos.  Luckily Communicator has saved the day 🙂

Immediately after the incident,  Brett got on Communicator and found someone with a similar Shuttle they could get send to us in the hotel.  At the same time,  I used group presence to find someone in my team that could arrange for a courier.  Excellent example of how presence and Unified Communications has helped us get information fast.

It's now 00:15 and the Shuttle doesn't appear to have arrived yet.  If it hasn't arrived by tomorrow morning then we will have to revert to plan B.  Problem is I am not sure what plan B is :-S

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As I have already mention on my blog,  we are in the middle of a ‘3 nights only’ tour for PS Exchange

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