Exchange Unplugged Tour 2007 gets off to a great start

It's 18:21 and I am here sitting in my hotel room relaxing after the first day of Exchange Unplugged Tour 2007.  Its going to take a few days to get the feedback but I took a peek at the feedback forms as thought I would share them with you

"Simply put, the best Microsoft event I have ever attended.  15 years in the industry.  A quantum leap in terms of usefulness and value from pervious events.  more please!"

"Very useful for me"

"Very well organised.  Well timed.  Excellent,  good quality catering,  very healthy.  top marks.  demos very good and real world.  great venue"

and my personal favourite....

"Top drawer!"

Needless to say,  I am really proud of the Microsoft Unified Communications team and they show they have put on and this is a cracking start to the tour.

If you have not already signed up yourself, here is a link to the tour dates and details of how you can register.

Today was the Tate Modern and BT .... next sep the Mayfair Hotel and Dimension Data 🙂

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