Having a permanent presence ….

Sounds scary doesn't it,  what would it be like to be constantly sharing your presence whether you were 'Online',  'Away', 'Busy' or perhaps 'In a meeting'?

There is the school of thought that says this would perhaps be a little invasive,  with people effectively being able to IM you no matter where you are.  There is however the other school of thought that if they can tell all of the time what your status is,  then perhaps they are less likely to contact you if they can see you are away, busy etc.

With the RTW (Release To Web) of Communicator Mobile for Office Communications Server 2007,  I thought I might see if its possible for me to be 'online' constantly (on either my PC,  Tanjay,  Communicator Web Access or indeed Communicator Mobile).  Will this mean I get contacted more or will it let people know I am busy and therefore actually reduce the amount of communication I receive?

I logged into Communicator Mobile (Como) at 09:15 this morning ... lets see how long I can last :-).  I am popping back to see my parents this weekend so if you see my anytime after 6ish ... I might even be driving down the motorway (I won't be IM'ing at the same time mind!).

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