Don’t break my tele Tony!

IMAGE_053 In the spirit of enabling ‘anywhere access’,  I have installed Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 on my Windows Vista (used for Media Center) machine at home,  plugged in an old webcam I managed to find,  plugged in my Catalina and this was the result 🙂

As you can see in the photo,  the picture was really good quality considering it was a) full screen on a 42inch TV b) its using my somewhat lame 1 mbps max ADSL connection at home.  This grows my ‘Communicator AV pack’ from two to three … more about that in another post I am thinking of putting together.

The question on all of your minds I am sure is what exactly is Tony Cocks doing?  I can tell you now that its not ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ ala the Bangles!

Anyone like to hazard a guess?

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